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(Admin) Remix 2015: The Dirty Dozen
i'm taking aim
laurificus wrote in remixers_lounge
Yes, indeed, It is that time of year again --or, if you want to be accurate, it is slightly later than that time of year again -- but this is no time to focus on details. Remix 2015 is up and running!

Before we direct you to the page, one very important thing to note. angelgazing and I have possibly lost our minds, and are going to try to run this thing without qualifying fandoms, and instead just use the standard AO3 fandom tags. (I know you'll all miss the many, many serious discussions of what fandoms qualify, and just what criteria makes a qualifying fandom qualify, anyway.)

However, this is just a test. It's entirely possible removing qualifying fandoms will just make matching unworkable, in which case, we'll be redoing the whole thing in a couple of weeks. But if it works, it means more people can play, and also that you can be more specific about what fandoms you ask for -- no more signing up for MCU, if all you want to write is Captain America.

Couple things you guys can do to help -- use common sense when you're offering/requesting fandoms. Don't offer something completely obscure, unless you know you've got someone else you can bring along to play. Also, the number of people requesting/offering fandoms will be public as signups are happening, so you can check if you're the only person in a fandom. If it seems like you are, we'd strongly advise changing your signup -- if you don't and we can't match you, you'll just get put straight to the pinch list, and there's not even a guarantee someone there will know your fandom.

Also, the eligibility rule hasn't changed. You can only offer to be remixed in a fandom if you've written either five stories of at least 500 words, or seven stories of at least 100 words in it. And you must offer to remix in at least one fandom you're eligible to be remixed in.

The lack of qualifying fandoms is the only major change from previous years. You can read the rules and FAQ here.

I...think that's all the not fun stuff out of the way. Signups will open next Sunday -- that's May 3 -- and they'll close on May 17. After that, we'll find out if our experiment worked, or if it has, in fact, turned out to be a disaster.

If you've got questions, feel free to comment to this post, or drop us an email at remixredux (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Yay! So glad to see Remix back.

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Correct! MCU is what we've called an "umbrella" fandom in the past. It covers the whole thing.

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Very cool!

Do you know if there will be a remix madness also this year?

Barring unforeseen circumstances, or a sudden overwhelming apathy, Remix Madess should run just like it has in previous years. :)

Awesome, thanks! I keep on thinking about signing up for this, and then I get nervous because I haven't done a remix before -- so it's good to know Remix Madness will (probably) be there to fall back on if I just want to get my toes wet. :)

First of all, I promise, Remix just SEEMS scary sometimes. Most participants are easy going, and just enjoy seeing what someone else could do with their story. No fear needed!

Second of all, you can always sign up to the pinch hit mailing list, if signing up is too intimidating. :D

Aw, thanks. :)

That's not a bad idea in any case. How do I sign up for pinch hitting?

You sign up by sending an email to remix-pinch-hitters+subscribe (at) googlegroups (dot) com

Let me know if you have any problems.

I've joined the list -- thanks!

Cool to have the Remix again. Now I need to quickly write one more story to qualify in at least two fandoms. :)

It might be helpful if there was a list ahead of time where people could post their fandoms (both the fandoms they had qualifying stories in, and those fandoms they felt they were able to write.) I know that one of the fandoms I've written is well known enough that a writer could be found, but I'm concerned on the other side - I don't write a lot of fandoms, and I'm not sure I would match as an author.

As sign ups happen a list of fandoms will be automatically generated by the archive as requests (fandoms to remix) and offers (fandoms to write in), so you can see the fandoms and spread the word or adjust your sign up accordingly. Sign ups are also running for longer this year, so everyone has more time to drag in as many people as they can.

Also, please remember that you must offer to write in at least one fandom you qualify to be remixed in. If one of your fandoms is larger, then you shouldn't have any issues.

AO3 still only shows offers when the fandom has also been requested, right? And is there a minimum number of offers and/or requests?

There is only a minimum of one offer and one request. But, again, no one can sign up only qualifying in Harry Potter if they aren't also willing to write Harry Potter.

AO3 lists all fandoms in the sign up forms, followed by how many offers or requests they have. Even if it only has one of those things. The system was built for Yuletide, to help participants see what fandoms needed requests/offers. It will show if 10 people qualify in HP but only 1 has offered to write. If you sign up with obscure fandoms, you'll be able to track if there were any other offers or requests in those fandoms. We always encourage participants to drag their friends to the playground with them, especially if you're concerned there won't be anyone else on your swing set. At the end of the day, we're trying this without qualifying fandoms so that more people can come play, but it puts a lot of the responsiblity of matching on the participants. You may need to bring others in your fandom in, or change your sign up to write a fandom you may not have originally wanted the most.

Either way, it should be clear what steps need to be taken once sign ups begin.

This is correct; if a fandom has 5 offers but zero requests, it will not appear in the signup summary.

Also, the "bucket list" bug has not been fixed. Short explanation: if someone has offered a whole lot of fandoms by grouping a whole bunch of them in the last of their available signup slots (you can find info on how to do this in the Yuletide signup guides), the "extra" fandoms also won't show up as offers even if someone has requested that fandom.

Examples: Ghost Soup Infidel Blue has 5 offers and 2 requests, but 3 of the five offers are in bucket lists. The signup summary will show 2 offers and 2 requests.

Ghost Soup Retrograde Gray has 2 offers and 1 request, but both of the 2 offers are in bucket lists. The signup summary will show 0 offers and 1 request.

Ghost Soup Xanax Gold has 4 offers and zero requests, with 2 of the offers in bucket lists. It will not appear in the signup summary at all until someone requests it...and once the first request comes in, it will show 2 offers and 1 request, not 4 and 1.

Note that the use of bucket lists in the first place is at the discretion of the moderators. The useful thing about bucket lists is that they allow for a lot of offers...which can, in theory make matching easier, possibly a very useful thing for this particular challenge. The down side -- as these examples show, if there are a lot of bucket offers it can make it difficult for participants to get an accurate sense of what's in demand.

Edited at 2015-04-27 03:15 am (UTC)

Yeah, traditionally the number of fandoms you can offer/request for remix has always been limited, and we won't be changing that this year, so the bucket list bug won't be an issue.

I think maybe we can see all fandoms from our end, even if no one has requested them, so worst case scenario we'd update here on fandoms that weren't showing up. However, if someone offers a fandom and it doesn't show up in the fandoms list, then at the very least that person is going to know there are no requests for it, and can either alter their signup or try to bring others along from the fandom.

I have the opposite problem: at present I'm legal to be remixed in exactly one fandom (fortunately, a fairly popular one), chiefly because I've got a high proportion of crossovers in my body of work. But I'm familiar with a considerable number of fandoms, including some of the bigger ones, and so could easily offer to write in a double-handful of fandoms even though I'm only legal to be remixed in one of them.

Unless they changed the rule on that, too, crossovers do not count towards your total (and for good reason, since you can't expect people to know the crossover fandoms just because they know the fandom they matched on).

This is correct. Crossovers cannot be counted when determining eligibility in either of the fandoms included. The only exceptions are umbrella fandoms which include a lot of subsects. For instance, if all the crossovers are between Captain America and Iron Man, which are just chapters in the larger book of MCU, then they'd count toward MCU, but not Captain America or Iron Man.

And indeed I agree that the can't-use-crossovers rule is wise and necessary; it just means that the set of people who can be matched to remix one of my fics is defined by the single fandom in which I have enough work to qualify.

(As a practical matter, once the matching is done, I suspect that many of my prospective remixers might find one or another of my crossover works remixable; I know I'd be tempted in that direction myself. But that would have to be counted a bonus, even more so than the Optional Details That Are Optional in traditional exchanges.)

I just want to confirm - I've only written two things in the MCU fandom, but would love to remix in it - meaning - I would love to remix a fic in that fandom, even though I haven't written that many. Is a go, or no?

You can absolutely offer to write in a fandom you don't qualify to be remixed in! However, since we have to require you offer to write in at least one qualifying fandom, there's no guarantee that you'll be matched on MCU.

Okay. I can definitely qualify in a couple others - i just think it would be fun to do an MCU fic. But we shall see! It's fun no matter what. :)

This is precisely the perfect situation in which to offer to pinch hit! A few years ago I really wanted to remix in Eagle fandom, but I was only eligible in fandoms I didn't really want to write. So I only signed up as a pinch hitter, and as soon as I saw an Eagle pinch hit I grabbed it!

Oooh, there's a thought.... :)

What is the timeline for the rest of the ficathon after sign-ups? Like, when will fics (Likely/ideally) be due? I realize that the timeline is probably fluid and dependent on whether the sign-ups work out, but... I know having some dates would help me know if I can commit to signing up! Thanks.

All the (currently planned) dates are listed at the top of the AO3 challenge page linked in the main post.

(sorry, I'm on my phone and it hates LJ enough without trying to link.)

Can't wait for it! My favorite challenge.

If we don't officially sign up, but want to post treats can we still post to the collections?

I didn't see it mentioned anywhere and just wanted to make sure that was possible.


You can only post a story to the main remix collection if you've signed up to be remixed. We will almost certainly run Remix Madness again this year, which runs for the week before stories are revealed in the main collection, and removes the eligibility criteria, but you still have to offer your own stories to be remixed before you can remix someone else's.

Hope that clears things up. Let me know if you've still got questions.

One question -- on the sign-up form, when you ask for previous remixes, do you want us to list only those remixes specifically written for Remix Redux, or do you want all our remixes whatever the source? (I wrote one story for Remix Redux 2014, two for Remix Madness 2012, and two for a Harry Potter remix challenge.)

To be on the safe side, all the ones you've written. Thanks for checking!

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