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Missy This Fic: the Gomez!Master Remix - sign-ups open
Marvel Steve/Tony Cap grinning at Iron M

Missy This Fic is a new remix challenge for Doctor Who and its various related fandoms, designed to add more Missy to our lives by remixing a story in such a way that it's focused on Missy.

Sign-ups are open now, until 8pm GMT on Tuesday, 10th August. (When is that in my time zone?)

The rest of the schedule:
Deadline: 10th September
Posting period: starting 15th September
Author reveals: 30th September

More info: Full Rules and FAQ @ [community profile] missy_fest

Remix Revival 2017!
Link: Remix Revival on AO3; follow us on Dreamwidth or Tumblr for reminders and updates.

Description: Remix Revival is a new panfandom remix exchange, welcoming both authors and artists! If you're unfamiliar with remix exchanges, the idea is that you take someone else's fic or art and write/draw it the way you would have. To qualify for Remix Revival, you must have three 500 word fics, five 100 word fics, or three completed drawings in each fandom you request. The minimum wordcount for assignments is 1k, while art must be a complete piece. There will be a Madness round that allows sketches and shorter fics running from September 10-25.

Signups begin: July 15 (ongoing now!)
Signups end: July 30 11:59 PM ET
Assignments out by: August 5
Assignments due: September 10, 11:59 PM ET
Collection goes live: September 17
Remixers revealed: September 24

Remix 13 - still in need of a name!
i'm taking aim
So life kind of got away with us somewhat spectacularly this year, and now it's...July. (And when I say got away from us, it's probably more accurate to say me.)

If you can forgive the radio silence, I'm happy to say that remix will indeed go ahead this year! We'll update shortly with definite dates and deadlines, as well as links to the AO3 page for this year. But we wanted to confirm that it was happening and will be starting in the next few weeks. Like last year, we won't have qualifying fandoms, but you will still need to bring people with you if you want to be matched in small fandoms, and you will still have to have written a minimum number of stories in a fandom to put yourself forward to be remixed in it. (At least 5 stories of at least 500 words or 7 stories of at least 100 words, in case you aren't sure.)

If you've got any questions not covered by the info above, please drop us a comment. And if you have any name suggestions for this year's challenge, please let us know that too!

Cheers for your patience and we'll update soon.

DC Multiversity Remix Challenge
Graphic created by dungeonmarm
sign-ups on ao3 | rules | deadlines | faq | pinch hitter sign-ups | contact a mod

Hi, folks! Everyone here is interested in remix, so we wanted to announce that we're hosting a remix challenge for Arrow, Constantine, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Vixen! And the challenge is open to all fanworks.

Where you can find us:

Key dates:
  • May-June 4: DC Multiversity Remix is open for sign ups

  • June 5: sign ups close

  • June 11: stories are assigned to everyone who signed up for the challenge

  • July 2: first check-in

  • July 23: second check-in

  • August 6: remixes due (complete and posted to the DC Multiversity Remix collection on AO3)

  • August 7: DC Multiversity Remix Scramble opens

  • August 20: DC Multiversity Remix collection goes live

  • September 3: authors revealed

(Admin) Authors revealed
i'm taking aim
I've just updated the archive, so the time of guessing and speculation is now at an end. As indeed is remix for another year. Thanks again for playing. Hope you all had fun this week.!

As always, if you've got any concerns about your remix, please email us at remixredux (at) gmail.

Hopefully see you all back here next year!(

(Admin) Madness closing in an hour
i'm taking aim
Once again, it's time to get those last minute edits in or stories submitted. The archive will close at 6 ET.

Please remember to fill in the recipient field when you're posting your remixes. And like yesterday, if you've got any questions or concerns about any of your remixes, please drop us an email at remixredux (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks again for playing!

(Admin) We are officially live!
i'm taking aim
ŸSubject says it all. The archive is now open! Which means it's now time for the fun reading part.

Couple of admin things:

1. Everyone should have a story, unless you defaulted, and you're remixer also did. In that case, we didn't put you on the pinch hit list. Hopefully you can still find something on the archive you like. For everyone else, you should get an email linking to your gift. If you don't, it's worth checking on AO3 -- it should still be listed as a gift work for you. If you still don't see it, please drop us an email at remixredux (at) gmail (dot) com.

2. The same goes for any other questions or concerns you might have. We're turning off comments on this post, so emailing the remix account (again remixredux (at) gmail (dot) com) is the best way to have any issues resolved.

Finally, huge, huge thanks to everyone who helped out with pinch hits this year -- as always, the challenge wouldn't work without you, and we appreciate everything you do.

And equally huge thanks to my co-mods, angelgazing and snacky. Pretty sure anything that went well this year is down to them! Thanks, too, to musesfool for continuing to help us out whenever we need it.

And thank you to you guys for playing, and generally making this as easy as possible for us to run. (And hey, no qualifying fandoms this year didn't end up a disaster, so I think we can all be thankful for that!)

Now go do the reading and having fun part. ♥ ♥

(Admin) One hour to go
i'm taking aim
For those of you still editing, this is your 60 minute warning. All stories are in, and the archive will open an hour from now.

You still have a day to write Madness stories -- though reminder: please fill in the recipient field when posting to the Madness collection, so your remixee sees that you've written a story for them.

Good luck with the editing!

Reminder: All outstanding stories must be in by midnight EDT tonight!
snacky purple
Just a reminder of that fact, and a heads up that the archive will be opening at some point tomorrow.

The plan is for the mods to assess in the morning, and make sure that everyone who turned in a story has a story. If there are any last minute pinch hits, we'll be looking for takers for those, so make sure you're checking your email. ;)

When everything is good to go, we'll post an hour warning here, so you can get any last minute edits in.

For Remix Madness, the collection will go live on Monday (probably later in the day to give people time to get last minute madness fics in). Once again, we'll post an hour warning before we open it, so watch the comm for updates.

(Admin) Remix Madness
panic - walking out
After a slight delay, Remix Madness 2015 is finally ready to go!

You can read the rules and sign up here!

Please keep in mind that in order to remix someone 1) THEY have to sign up for Remix Madness, and 2) YOU have to sign up for Remix Madness. However, signing up does not obligate you to write a story.

You have through Sunday to Remix to your heart's content! Have fun, and please remember to stay hydrated.

(admin) Last Last Minute Warning!
panic - walking out
laurificus has done something completely crazy and gone to sleep at night time. Since I never do anything on time, ever, you've got ONE HOUR to get your stories posted.



Go! Go, quickly! Before it's too late!

(admin) warning bell!
panic - walking out
Time for the last minute warning, folks. We're just T-Minus 22ish hours until stories are due!

Remix, my little procrastinators! Remix like the wind!

(Admin) Assignments sent out!
i'm taking aim
Pretty much as the post says. I've just sent them out, so if you don't have one, or you have any concerns over the one you do have, please send an email to remixredux (at) gmail (dot) com.

If for any reason you won't be able to write a story on time, that's fine. Please just default on the archive before the deadline. .

And now the fun begins. 3 weeks and 5 days of procrastination and 2 of panicking. Good times!

(Admin) now or never
i'm taking aim
Final warning post. You've got until 11pm EST to sign yourself up to play -- or to convince other people to, if you're worried you're in a hard to match fandom.

And on the subject of warnings....please make sure you are actually eligible to be remixed in the fandoms you're offering. You need to have written at least 5 stories of at least 500 words or 7 stories of at least 100 words in a single fandom before you can offer it to be remixed. We want as many people as possible to be able to play, but if you don't have enough stories in a fandom, please don't say you qualify. It only causes problems, not least of which is that we'll feel vaguely bad when we add you to our list of people who don't get to play again.

Warnings over. The rest of the challenge is way more fun than this post. Which you can discover for yourself by signing up in the next few hours! You can do that from here.

(Admin) Signups are live!
i'm taking aim
Okay, the moment has arrived. Signups without qualifying fandoms are live. So things to be aware of:

1. Don't sign up for something completely obscure unless you know you can bring people to play. Of course that means we're asking for a certain amount of judgment, but in most cases it should be reasonably obvious. Teen Wolf isn't obscure. Hamlet is.

2. Check the requests/offers as the signups progress, and if you're the only one offering/requesting a fandom, think about changing your form. We can't match if there's no interest, however much we want to.

3. No qualifying fandoms is the only rule change. Everything else is the same. That means you still need to have written at least 5 500 word stories, or 7 100 word stories, inn a fandom to offer it to be remixed. And it means no crossovers or works in progress can be counted towards your totals.

4. Very much related to point 3...read the rules/FAQ before signing up. In most cases, if you've got questions, they'll be answered there.

5. And finally, you can find the rules, and the signup form here.

And so go! Let's see if this thing works. And remember, we're trying no qualifying fandoms for the first time, so there might well be issues we haven't foreseen. We'll do our best to work them out as they arise. Or, you know. We'll run away and you'll never hear from us again.

(Admin) Remix 2015: The Dirty Dozen
i'm taking aim
Yes, indeed, It is that time of year again --or, if you want to be accurate, it is slightly later than that time of year again -- but this is no time to focus on details. Remix 2015 is up and running!

Before we direct you to the page, one very important thing to note. angelgazing and I have possibly lost our minds, and are going to try to run this thing without qualifying fandoms, and instead just use the standard AO3 fandom tags. (I know you'll all miss the many, many serious discussions of what fandoms qualify, and just what criteria makes a qualifying fandom qualify, anyway.)

However, this is just a test. It's entirely possible removing qualifying fandoms will just make matching unworkable, in which case, we'll be redoing the whole thing in a couple of weeks. But if it works, it means more people can play, and also that you can be more specific about what fandoms you ask for -- no more signing up for MCU, if all you want to write is Captain America.

Couple things you guys can do to help -- use common sense when you're offering/requesting fandoms. Don't offer something completely obscure, unless you know you've got someone else you can bring along to play. Also, the number of people requesting/offering fandoms will be public as signups are happening, so you can check if you're the only person in a fandom. If it seems like you are, we'd strongly advise changing your signup -- if you don't and we can't match you, you'll just get put straight to the pinch list, and there's not even a guarantee someone there will know your fandom.

Also, the eligibility rule hasn't changed. You can only offer to be remixed in a fandom if you've written either five stories of at least 500 words, or seven stories of at least 100 words in it. And you must offer to remix in at least one fandom you're eligible to be remixed in.

The lack of qualifying fandoms is the only major change from previous years. You can read the rules and FAQ here.

I...think that's all the not fun stuff out of the way. Signups will open next Sunday -- that's May 3 -- and they'll close on May 17. After that, we'll find out if our experiment worked, or if it has, in fact, turned out to be a disaster.

If you've got questions, feel free to comment to this post, or drop us an email at remixredux (at) gmail (dot) com.

(Admin) Authors revealed!
i'm taking aim
If you've spent the last week trying to figure out who wrote what, then you can finally get an answer! Authors should now be revealed on both Remix 11 and Remix Madness. As always, if you've got any issues, remixredux (at) gmail (dot) com is the best way of letting us know.

Thanks again to all our awesome pinch hitters -- special bonus award goes to inksheddings, who I'm pretty sure has the most stories in this year's archive. Sadly, the award comes with no actual benefits, except abiding gratitude (yes, I concede money, cake, or alcohol would all have been better).

Hope you all had fun! We appreciate that you came back to play this year -- it would have been a pretty terrible challenge if you hadn't.

(Admin) And we're live!
panic - walking out
In keeping with the general theme of Remix: making it in just under the wire! But Remix is finally open.

You can go here to see all stories posted for the main challenge, and here for stories written for Madness.

Gift notification emails should already be arriving, but if you don’t get one and you expect to, your story should also show up under gifts on AO3.

As far as we, and AO3 can tell, everyone who should have a story for Remix 2014 does have one. If you don’t, 1. we’re hugely sorry, and 2. please email us at remixredux (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you’ve got any other problems or concerns about a remix of your story, please also use that email address to let us know. We’re much more likely to see it and be able to respond to it quickly.

A hundred thousand thank yous to our awesome, awesome pinch hitters. We couldn’t have done this without you! And thanks to my co-mods laurificus and, of course, snacky. musesfool, our honorary mod, who held our hands and very kindly pretended she couldn’t do a way better job.

And finally, thanks to all of you who played, and suffered through our first year of acting like we have any idea what we were doing. Now go and enjoy your stories! ♥ ♥ ♥

(Admin) By popular request...
panic - walking out
Consider this your final warning, everyone. The Remix Collection will go live in 1 hour at 10PM EDT/9PM CDT

Format help
I made an undate to my story and now all the paragraph breaks are gone. Help? (I've forgotten how to switch something in word format to be html friendly.)

(Admin) the time is almost upon us
i'm taking aim
Yes, indeed. Remix reveals are almost upon us, but a few things.

1. Stories will not go live until some point today. The archive originally said midnight, which caused some confusion. Sorry! I forgot that the archive defaults to midnight if you don't set a time, which I didn't, because:

2. The archive will not, under any circumstances, go live until everyone has a story. It never has, never will. Pinch hitters do an awesome job, but some of them are given incredibly little notice, and we like to show them a little patience. That means it might open in the next hour, or it might be 12 hours from now. We don't know.

3. If anyone is thinking about harassing us by email demanding that we open it up, maybe...don't do that. It makes us cranky! And in my case, contrary. I don't recommend it.

4. To everyone who isn't thinking of doing that, you are the best!

BtVS fic needing a beta!
Test That Theory
I have tried emailing people who have done Buffyverse betaing for me before, and I've tried putting a request on my journal, and nothing. It's only 1800 words, needs a general beta, fandom-specific stuff would be great but not required. Help!

(Admin) Remix Madness is a go! (Also, somewhat belatedly, the deadline for actual Remix has past)
i'm taking aim
Both those things in the subject line are true. Congrats to all of you who posted! <3

As for Remix Madness, you can sign up from this page. The rules are also posted there, so take a look before you commit to anything (she said, ominously).

Remember, you can only play in Remix Madness if you first sign up yourself, and you can't remix anyone and include it in the Madness challenge if they haven't also signed up. You can, however, sign up and offer your fics for remixing without having to write a remix..

You've got until this Sunday to do as much remixing as you can manage. Have at it!

Question for the Powers that Be
If someone had a question that if they asked it in public here would end up revealing which writer they were for the challenge, who would they contact so that they don't mess things up? I looked on the info on AO3 several times, but I can't figure out who to contact...

Trouble posting
I'm probably doing something wrong, and it's probebly incrediblys stupid but I tried to post my fic (several times) and it keeps saying this no matter what I do:

Sorry! We couldn't save this Work because:

  • Parent work info would not save.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Somebody please help

stumbling toward the deadline
slash emu
Why is it that I 1) find myself carrying around an idea for a remix for weeks, 2) eventually jot down some notes for execution etc., 3) feel all proud of myself for being well prepared.... AND THEN 4) stall out, 5) go back to the list of eligible stories 5) pick a different one and 6) write a story completely different from the one originally planned right quick.


How are all of you doing?

Call for a Beta
St Berry Hello
I have a West Wing fic that I would really like a second set of eyes on.

You don't even really need to know anything about The West Wing, it's more grammar checking that's needed (I've gotten comments like "you sprinkle commas like confetti" and "you changed tense three times in one sentence!" so I tend to be a little paranoid).

(Admin) The Final Final Countdown
panic - walking out
It's the final bell! The last minute warning!

All Remixes must be posted in ONE WEEK.

(Admin) Assignments out
Pretty much as the subject line says! Assignment emails have been sent out. If you don't have one, check your junk folder, and then let us know.

If you've got any other questions about your assignment, please drop us an email -- that's probably better than commenting here, given that we have now entered the super secret phase of the challenge. we're remixredux (at) gmail. One of us will get back to you as soon as we can.

A reminder that stories are due May 4, and must be at least a thousand words. Betaing isn't required, but it is very strongly encouraged.

have fun! Write like the wind!

(Admin) eligibility requirements
It's time, dear remixers, for the boring rules reminder post. (I know. Posts up until this point have been scintillating.) Specifically, it is time for the reminder of how you qualify to be remixed in a fandom -- which admittedly seems to cause no end of confusion. But here we go!

For someone to remix you in a fandom, you have to have written at least five 500 word stories, or at least seven 100 word stories in that fandom. Total word count doesn't matter -- if you've written 4 stories of 100,000 words and 1 story of 100 words, you don't qualify (though we'd totally still be impressed by the first 4!). To qualify, you'd have to write either another 2 stories of 100 words, or one more of 500 words. Make sense?

If you don't have enough stories to be remixed in a fandom, please don't request it when you sign up. If you do and we find out (and we almost certainly will), we'll ban you from future remixes we run. And not because we like doing that! I promise you it's just that learning someone's been matched with an author who doesn't qualify means a lot more work for us, and we're pretty against that. Less work is almost always our guiding principle in these matters.

Like I said, I know it can be confusing, so if you've got questions, please ask. We'd rather resolve issues before the matching starts.

And remember, if you haven't signed up yet, and this post hasn't killed your desire to, you can still do that here. For a few more hours, anyway.