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Missy This Fic: the Gomez!Master Remix - sign-ups open

Missy This Fic is a new remix challenge for Doctor Who and its various related fandoms, designed to add more Missy to our lives by remixing a story in such a way that it's focused on Missy.

Sign-ups are open now, until 8pm GMT on Tuesday, 10th August. (When is that in my time zone?)

The rest of the schedule:
Deadline: 10th September
Posting period: starting 15th September
Author reveals: 30th September

More info: Full Rules and FAQ @ [community profile] missy_fest

Remix Revival 2017!

Link: Remix Revival on AO3; follow us on Dreamwidth or Tumblr for reminders and updates.

Description: Remix Revival is a new panfandom remix exchange, welcoming both authors and artists! If you're unfamiliar with remix exchanges, the idea is that you take someone else's fic or art and write/draw it the way you would have. To qualify for Remix Revival, you must have three 500 word fics, five 100 word fics, or three completed drawings in each fandom you request. The minimum wordcount for assignments is 1k, while art must be a complete piece. There will be a Madness round that allows sketches and shorter fics running from September 10-25.

Signups begin: July 15 (ongoing now!)
Signups end: July 30 11:59 PM ET
Assignments out by: August 5
Assignments due: September 10, 11:59 PM ET
Collection goes live: September 17
Remixers revealed: September 24

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Remix 13 - still in need of a name!

So life kind of got away with us somewhat spectacularly this year, and now it's...July. (And when I say got away from us, it's probably more accurate to say me.)

If you can forgive the radio silence, I'm happy to say that remix will indeed go ahead this year! We'll update shortly with definite dates and deadlines, as well as links to the AO3 page for this year. But we wanted to confirm that it was happening and will be starting in the next few weeks. Like last year, we won't have qualifying fandoms, but you will still need to bring people with you if you want to be matched in small fandoms, and you will still have to have written a minimum number of stories in a fandom to put yourself forward to be remixed in it. (At least 5 stories of at least 500 words or 7 stories of at least 100 words, in case you aren't sure.)

If you've got any questions not covered by the info above, please drop us a comment. And if you have any name suggestions for this year's challenge, please let us know that too!

Cheers for your patience and we'll update soon.

DC Multiversity Remix Challenge

Graphic created by dungeonmarm
sign-ups on ao3 | rules | deadlines | faq | pinch hitter sign-ups | contact a mod

Hi, folks! Everyone here is interested in remix, so we wanted to announce that we're hosting a remix challenge for Arrow, Constantine, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Vixen! And the challenge is open to all fanworks.

Where you can find us:

Key dates:
  • May-June 4: DC Multiversity Remix is open for sign ups

  • June 5: sign ups close

  • June 11: stories are assigned to everyone who signed up for the challenge

  • July 2: first check-in

  • July 23: second check-in

  • August 6: remixes due (complete and posted to the DC Multiversity Remix collection on AO3)

  • August 7: DC Multiversity Remix Scramble opens

  • August 20: DC Multiversity Remix collection goes live

  • September 3: authors revealed
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(Admin) Authors revealed

I've just updated the archive, so the time of guessing and speculation is now at an end. As indeed is remix for another year. Thanks again for playing. Hope you all had fun this week.!

As always, if you've got any concerns about your remix, please email us at remixredux (at) gmail.

Hopefully see you all back here next year!(
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(Admin) Madness closing in an hour

Once again, it's time to get those last minute edits in or stories submitted. The archive will close at 6 ET.

Please remember to fill in the recipient field when you're posting your remixes. And like yesterday, if you've got any questions or concerns about any of your remixes, please drop us an email at remixredux (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks again for playing!
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(Admin) We are officially live!

ŸSubject says it all. The archive is now open! Which means it's now time for the fun reading part.

Couple of admin things:

1. Everyone should have a story, unless you defaulted, and you're remixer also did. In that case, we didn't put you on the pinch hit list. Hopefully you can still find something on the archive you like. For everyone else, you should get an email linking to your gift. If you don't, it's worth checking on AO3 -- it should still be listed as a gift work for you. If you still don't see it, please drop us an email at remixredux (at) gmail (dot) com.

2. The same goes for any other questions or concerns you might have. We're turning off comments on this post, so emailing the remix account (again remixredux (at) gmail (dot) com) is the best way to have any issues resolved.

Finally, huge, huge thanks to everyone who helped out with pinch hits this year -- as always, the challenge wouldn't work without you, and we appreciate everything you do.

And equally huge thanks to my co-mods, angelgazing and snacky. Pretty sure anything that went well this year is down to them! Thanks, too, to musesfool for continuing to help us out whenever we need it.

And thank you to you guys for playing, and generally making this as easy as possible for us to run. (And hey, no qualifying fandoms this year didn't end up a disaster, so I think we can all be thankful for that!)

Now go do the reading and having fun part. ♥ ♥
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(Admin) One hour to go

For those of you still editing, this is your 60 minute warning. All stories are in, and the archive will open an hour from now.

You still have a day to write Madness stories -- though reminder: please fill in the recipient field when posting to the Madness collection, so your remixee sees that you've written a story for them.

Good luck with the editing!
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Reminder: All outstanding stories must be in by midnight EDT tonight!

Just a reminder of that fact, and a heads up that the archive will be opening at some point tomorrow.

The plan is for the mods to assess in the morning, and make sure that everyone who turned in a story has a story. If there are any last minute pinch hits, we'll be looking for takers for those, so make sure you're checking your email. ;)

When everything is good to go, we'll post an hour warning here, so you can get any last minute edits in.

For Remix Madness, the collection will go live on Monday (probably later in the day to give people time to get last minute madness fics in). Once again, we'll post an hour warning before we open it, so watch the comm for updates.
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(Admin) Remix Madness

After a slight delay, Remix Madness 2015 is finally ready to go!

You can read the rules and sign up here!

Please keep in mind that in order to remix someone 1) THEY have to sign up for Remix Madness, and 2) YOU have to sign up for Remix Madness. However, signing up does not obligate you to write a story.

You have through Sunday to Remix to your heart's content! Have fun, and please remember to stay hydrated.