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[admin] possible rules changes (poll)

We're contemplating a couple of major changes in the remix process this year, and we're polling to gauge interest and participant sentiment.

We would like to open Remix up to RPF fandoms if people who write RPF are interested in participating.

So we have some questions about which RPF fandoms should be qualifying fandoms (i.e., are large enough/have enough people who've written enough stories to qualify under last year's rules of having written at least five (5) stories of at least 500 words in one (1) fandom), because I don't even know what's big these days beyond CWRPF and bandom. I know the popslash remix is currently running, and lotrips used to run their own, but are either of them still big enough to provide a pool of participants to Remix/Redux? I guess that is what we're trying to find out. (If your RPF fandom doesn't get in as a qualifying fandom, that doesn't mean you can't offer it or remix in it; it just means you have to offer something one of the qualifying fandoms to play.) (Also, just as a reminder, there is no matching on pairing or category [i.e., het, slash, or gen].)

We are also thinking about slightly loosening the criteria to qualify, to something like fandoms in which you've written EITHER five (5) stories of at least 500 words OR fandoms in which you've written seven (7) stories of at least 100 words. (Under this possible rule change, if you've done five stories in one fandom and seven ficlets in another, you would qualify in both fandoms)

Please vote, and point your friends here to vote, because if we don't get a significant number of people indicating interest, we won't make them qualifying fandoms.

Poll #1391584 Possible Remix Rules Changes

Participants should be allowed to qualify with

five (5) 500 word stories in a single fandom (it ain't broke; don't fix it)
EITHER five (5) 500 word stories OR seven (7) 100+ word stories in a single fandom

I have enough stories in one (or more) of the following fandoms to qualify, and would include it as one of my offered/requested fandoms when I sign up:

Bandom (which in this case is defined Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco only)
you are missing a HUGE RPF fandom I will tell you about in comments

Would you be willing to volunteer to check participants' websites/journals to ensure they have the qualifying number of stories in the fandoms they offer?


Again, please vote, and send your friends here to vote, as well.

[eta] Two things:

1. if your RPF fandom is a yuletide fandom, it is probably not large enough to be a qualifying fandom in Remix. The point of qualifying fandoms is that they are large and many participants request/offer them, so they provide everyone with at least one matching fandom. (And yes, we are reviewing some of the fandoms we listed last year, which are probably too small to really be on the list.) So if you really think your fandom is large enough, you need to send people to this post to vote, to comment and mention it, because laurificus and I are likely not familiar with them.

2. As far as Bandom goes, neither of us is in the fandom, so I listed the two bands I'm familiar with, and left MCR out. MCR will be included if Bandom is a qualifying fandom. (see this comment for more information)


disclaimer: this poll is simply to gauge interest/numbers, and is not binding on either you or the mods.

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