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[admin] Remix/Redux 8 Signups Open

We Invented the Remix...Redux 8: Magic 8 Ball

What's this all about?
* Ever read a story and think, wow, what a fascinating story, but if I had written it, I would have... Well, now here's your chance to do just that. Rewrite someone else's story, tell somebody else's tale. Take the work of another person and wrap it up in your vision and style, just like a remixer does to songs.

So just take another person's story and change everything?
* Yes and no. You can do whatever you like to the story - change POV, dialogue, mood, characterization, make it longer or shorter, whatever - except for two things: pairing(s) and the basic plotline.

Why can't I change ____?
* Basic plotline is fairly obvious, we think. If you change the plot, then you're really not writing the same story, right? This doesn't mean you can't change things, adding or deleting as you see fit. For example, if you were rewriting The Little Mermaid, you might decide to give the mermaid a best friend who's a fish and a guardian who's a lobster, things that weren't in the original story. But you would keep the sea witch and the fact that the mermaid loses her voice, because those are essential to the story. Of course, what are and aren't essential plot points is purely subjective (for example, in the original Little Mermaid, the mermaid dies), but we trust people will be able to decide what to do.

* Pairing(s) must be kept as is. While this can certainly be argued, we think once you change who the story is about, you're pretty much writing a new story, and contrary to popular belief, that's not what this challenge is about. It's about reinterpreting a story that's already been told. So, no, you cannot change the pairing(s) in the story. We also do not want any slash pairings het-ified or het pairings slash-ified (i.e., we don't want to hear from an upset OTP shipper that her OTP's happy ending was rendered unhappy to facilitate her NoTP's happy ending). You may, if you feel it necessary, background the pairing(s) and focus on less pairing-centric plot points (i.e., you may remix a slash or het story as gen).

All right. So then we can choose any story we want to rewrite?
* Not just any story. Each participant will be assigned a remixer, who will be a fellow participant, chosen at random but matched on fandom. You will have at least one fandom in common with your assigned writer, and you must choose one of their stories to remix. You can choose any story other than the designated safe story, works in progress, co-written stories, or remixes they've written previously. (Stories of theirs which have been previously remixed are still on the table, though it tends not to be the preference of either remixers or remixes.)

Also, please note that there is no matching on pairing or genre (i.e., slash, het, or gen), so if you only write het, for example, or only write a particular slash pairing or a particular character, etc., you probably don't want to sign up, because there is no guarantee you'll get someone who matches your preference on those requirements.

And just in case it's not common sense, works in progress are off-limits and should not be remixed.

I'm still confused. We're just writing someone else's story?
* Rewriting. Don't just change a line here and there. Be creative. Have fun. Make a mess if you want. Remember, it's a challenge. Don't make it too easy on yourself. I've written about the process here, if that helps.

And these are only Supernatural stories?
* Nope. This is a multifandom challenge, so everyone from Bandom to Merlin to Star Trek fandom and beyond should join in.

* To play, you must be eligible to write in at least one fandom listed in the sign-up form. You will be eligible if you've written at least five (5) stories of 500 words or more OR at least seven (7) stories of 100 words or more in one of the qualifying fandoms. You can, of course, use combinations of 500 and 100 word stories to reach a final total of 7 stories. So you qualify if, for example, you have four stories between 100 and 500 words and three stories of 500 or more words in a fandom. You may meet this criteria for more than one fandom listed, in which case, we couldn't be prouder of you. However, past remixes and your designated safe story may not be included in the story count to determine eligibility.

Works in progress, co-written stories (unless you and your co-writer have signed up as a team), and crossovers are not acceptable as stories to determine your eligibility. Completed stories that are part of larger series, however, may be counted on their own.

Please note, however, that to simplify the matching, you can only sign up for a maximum of five qualifying fandoms (optional fandoms do not count towards this maximum). Please be careful to check that you are actually eligible for any fandoms you sign up with. If it turns out you're not and we find out, there will be trouble between us.

You can still remix a story from another fandom if your match offers that opportunity, but small, yuletide-type fandoms will not be included in the qualifying fandoms list this year. In the past, they've just been too difficult to match.

* Everyone must be willing to write in at least one of the qualifying fandoms in which they are eligible. Matching depends on how many people sign up, and what fandoms they're in.

* Remix always works better if more than one person from a fandom signs up, because then there are people to match them with.

So what the hell is a safe story?
* It's the one story that you don't want anyone messing with, for whatever reason. You only get one. You don't have to have one, only if you want. Any story you wrote for any past Remix challenge is also ineligible to be remixed again, as it is based in part at least on someone else's story, and may contain significant bits of that original story.

Do I have to have a website?
* Yes, because otherwise, how will we find your stories? You don't need your own website; hosted stories are fine as long as they're all easily available. Stories posted to Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, or other journaling site or archive are okay as long as there is some sort of index or listing for them, making them easily accessible. Stories posted only to locked LJs or LJ communities, message boards and/or mailing lists are ineligible because access to those is often limited. Please don't sign up if your stories aren't publicly available.

What if I've co-written with someone?
* If you have someone you co-write with regularly and the two of you wish to sign up for the challenge together, you will be counted as one participant and only the stories you have written together are eligible (so you must meet eligibility standards as a writing team). If you regularly co-write with someone but only one of you signs up, then your co-written stories are off-limits. The same goes if both of you sign up separately.

Are there any sort of other requirements/rules?
* Each remix must have a minimum word count of 1,000 words. One thousand words in four weeks is incredibly reasonable. And now, with the AO3's word count feature, we'll be able to see if you're fudging it, so don't do that.

* While it's certainly not required, joining remixers_lounge is a good idea -- all announcements will be made in the community, so we suggest you join, so you can be up on the latest and greatest in remix news. You can also mix and mingle with your fellow remixers, ask questions, discuss the challenge, panic together, find a beta, etc.

Are there any sort of deadlines?
* All signs point to yes! People can sign up for the challenge until 11:59 PM EDT March 31, 2010. Assignments will be handed out no later than April 8, 2010. And then the stories are due at 11:59 PM EDT May 9, 2010. So you've got some time to write.

When will the stories be put up?
* We would like to have them up by May 16, 2010, barring technical difficulties. This year, we are hosting the challenge on the Archive of Our Own. You MUST have an AO3 account to participate (though you do not need to have your stories hosted there to play). If you do not have an account, I've been given a large number of invite codes - we've will opened up a post where people can comment to get an invite code to set up an account.

Oh yeah? What if I miss the deadline? Then what're you gonna do?
* Well, I'm not going to hound you for the story, except that I totally am, and neither of us will enjoy it. But I'm not opening up the archive until all the stories are posted. And when people ask me, "Hey, why aren't the stories up?", I'll point them to a public post in remixers_lounge, which will have the names and email addresses of everyone who's late, and say, "Because of those people."

Plus, I have the scary poky stick. Fear me.

* If you must drop out, please email the mods at remixredux @ as soon as you are aware of it. (An email that says, "Hi, I'm not able to finish my remix by the deadline, so I need to drop out," is fine.)

If you bailed last year without telling us, don't sign up again. We'll know.

That's kind of mean.
* Why, yes, yes it is.

How do I play?
* Please fill out the sign up form if you'd like to participate.

There is no confirmation email this year. You should be able to see your signup from the collection profile and also from your account dashboard. Your optional fandoms will not be visible in the general participant list, but if you click on "Show," you will be able to see your complete signup.

The form should be fairly simple to fill out but there are some changes and ...nuances that we need you to pay attention to. To wit:

Doctor Who: If you have only written in/are only familiar with "new" Who canon (i.e., Doctors Nine and Ten), you should check off the "Doctor Who (2005)" box. If you are familiar with/have written in both "classic" and "new" Who canon, (i.e., the whole shebang, or as much as one person could be, anyway), you should check the "Doctor Who (1963)" box.

Sherlock Holmes: While both the books and the 2009 movie are listed for AO3 tagging purposes, Remix will not be splitting the two for matching. Which is to say, if you qualify with bookverse Holmes stories (and are willing to be matched with someone who may only write fic for the latest movie, or vice versa), please feel free to check off Sherlock Holmes (2009). You may also qualify for this fandom with a combination of bookverse and movieverse stories.

Marvel: Marvel (Movies) includes any Marvel movie that is not X-Men related, so it would include Dare Devil, Elektra, The Incredible Hulk (Bana and Norton), Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Spider-Man (yes, even Spider-Man 3) and possibly something else I'm forgetting (feel free to let me know if I am). X-Men 1-3 and Wolverine: Origins will remain under X-Men Movieverse. Marvel includes any non-X-Men Marvel comic.

DCU: DCU Comics includes all your DC comics - Batfamily, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. DCU Animated includes all the DCU animated series and their accompanying animated movies. DCU (Movies) includes the Burton and Nolan Batman films, the Reeves Superman films, and Superman Returns.

Bandom: For Remix purposes, Bandom includes Panic! at the Disco, The Young Veins, Fall Out Boy, and My Chemical Romance.

JE: For Remix purposes, JE includes KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kanjani8, and Arashi.


In the "request" section, you will include:

* Your "request", i.e., up to five (5) qualifying fandom(s) in which you've written at least five (5) stories of 500 or more words AND/OR the qualifying fandom(s) in which you've written at least seven (7) stories of at least 100 words (excluding previous remixes you've written) or some combination of the two.

To access the full list of fandoms, you must click on the link that says, "53 more fandoms to choose from..."

* Optional tags are for fandoms in which you are eligible but which are not on the qualifying fandoms list (listing optional fandoms is no guarantee of being matched on them). You must use the AO3 canonical version of the tag for that fandom, so it's wise to do a search to see how your fandoms are listed before filling out the form, as the form will not accept non-canonical variations of fandom tag names.

* In the box labeled URL where your stories may be found, type in the URL for your website or the index of your stories

* In the Safe story and previous remixes written box, please list the name of your "safe story" if you've got one, and the name(s) of the story(ies) you've written for any past remix challenges.

In the "offer" section, you will include:

* Your "offer, " i.e., up to four (4) fandoms (if you've got more than one) in which you would like to remix (you must list at least one (1) qualifying fandom in which you are eligible). (FYI, the form does not weight your desire, so we have no way of knowing which of the four you want most, so make sure you list four you really want to write in.)

To access the full list of fandoms, you must click on the link that says, "53 more fandoms to choose from..."

* Optional tags are for fandoms in which you would like to remix but which are not on the qualifying fandoms list (listing optional fandoms is no guarantee of being matched on them). These are in addition to and not a replacement of the minimum of ONE (1) qualifying fandom you must offer.

We'll be in touch by April 8th with your assignment and more instructions.

A step by step instruction guide to signing up (with handy-dandy pictures!) is available here.

Pinch Hitting

* Pinch hitters are the oft-unsung heroes of every ficathon. We adore pinch hit remixers, and are always happy to find new ones.

This year, we're handling the pinch hitters the way Yuletide does. If you would like to have the opportunity to pinch hit, you can join the pinch hit mailing list. When the pinch hits come in, the mods will post them to the list and the first person to respond will be assigned. All responses come directly to the mods.

If you don't already have an account with Google, you can go to this link and change "myid" to whatever email address you want to subscribe with, and Google will send you a confirmation email with a link to confirm your subscription.

You do not need to be a remix participant to be a pinch hitter, so if you cannot participate due to not meeting the requirements or other ficathon commitments, but would be willing to turn around a story in two or three days' time (or sometimes more, since some people are conscientious even in dropping out, and let me know early), please join our brand new pinch hitters mailing list. The more, the merrier!

If you have any questions, please drop a comment here.

Disclaimer: The management, meaning me, is not responsible for whatever is done to your story. If you can't handle the idea of someone else mucking around with your babies, don't sign up.

Disclaimer 2: All recognizable characters belong to their respective owners and/or copyright holders. These fan-written works of fiction intend no copyright infringement. All fiction about real people is, in fact, fiction, and thus, not true nor intended to be taken as true.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to astolat and her merry band of coders for making it possible to host the challenge on the Archive of Our Own, to delurker for the awesome banner, to everyone who's helped in one way or another over the years, and to the originators of the challenge, who let me run with their idea. Thanks also to my co-mods, devildoll, angelgazing, laurificus, and mousapelli for their help and support.

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