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admin: Remix...Redux 8: Magic 8 Ball: Reminder and Clarification
supernatural - happily ever after
angelgazing wrote in remixers_lounge
First of all, one last reminder before musesfool's poky stick comes out, stories are due in 24 hours.

Since the AO3 system allows for you to edit your stories after posting, if your remix is complete and only awaiting a beta and final edit, we ask that you please go ahead and upload your story to the collection. This is will mark your story as turned in and complete within the system, and allow you to not rush the editing process, since it would only need to be completed before the Remix...Redux collection goes live on May 23rd.

If you are not going to be able to make the deadline, again, please get in touch with us through the remixredux gmail account as soon as possible.

Now, most importantly, although we had a lot of interest, the Remix Madness idea is on the back burner for this year. If Remix goes ahead next year, it will almost certainly be something we consider, because, as I said, we had a pretty substantial volume of support for the idea. However, we realize not everyone was comfortable with the situation, and since we try as hard as we can to make this a challenge that's fun for everyone involved, we aren't going to do something that has that effect.

We put out the idea, and it needs a little refinement. It wasn't an attempt to make people participate in something they didn't feel they'd signed up for, or to change the parameters of the challenge in a way that would knowingly discomfort anyone. It was just an attempt to try something new and hopefully fun, given that we're working in circumstances that make it much easier to run the challenge than it has been in previous years. After all, we want this to be as enjoyable for us as it is for you.

If anyone still has questions or concerns, as always you can contact us at remixredux (at) gmail (dot) com. I hope we've made it clear that we're always happy to discuss any issues you might have.

Your Remix...Redux 8 mods,
musesfool, laurificus, and angelgazing

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That is one thing I adore about AO3: the ability to edit like that. Much easier than trying to do the same with an LJ/DW entry in queue...

So... what you're saying is I can post my complete but half-betaed story now and keep improving it for up to a week?

OMG. That's brilliant.

Not only that, but the sake of our sanity, we'd almost beg you to.


No probs. I do like the way the software says that the story is by 'Anonymous' and then in brackets after '[Vera]' just to reassure me that it's mine.

I know, that is hugely reassuring. And if you're logged out, you'll see it on your AO3 page as a "Mystery work!"

Very cool that you can post and edit before the reveal! Although I have to say, I miss the sockpuppet names. :-)

Thank you! And I'm looking forward to Remix Madness next year, then--I'm sad people were upset about it, especially because Yuletide Madness is an optional for-fun thing that I really enjoyed doing last year.

Also, is there any way I can ask a logistical question about my pinch-hit without seeming like a procrastinating flake?

Absolutely! We have an open door policy for questions, we just ask that you take them to email.

♥ Thank you! I ended up switching stories and doing something else--though now I think about it, I'm not sure if that totally fits into the challenge, either.

skfoiawj aaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Carry on, carry on. I fail.

It wasn't an attempt to make people participate in something they didn't feel they'd signed up for, or to change the parameters of the challenge in a way that would knowingly discomfort anyone.

The impression I got was that people were pointing out issues they felt had gone unseen, not that anyone thought any of you were using your Modly Might to make people unhappy, although now I have a great mental image of the mods twirling your waxed moustaches and cackling madly.

Oh, thank God. *collapses in relief* I thought I had figured the timing perfectly, even setting aside an extra day in case my writer's block took over and I couldn't come up with anything until the day of the deadline... and then discovered on Friday that my beta would be away this weekend.

I can go back to panicking over finishing the story in time for the deadline now... :)

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