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Challenge Announcement: The Remix Duello
zvi_likes_tv wrote in remixers_lounge
The Remix Duello is a remix challenge with constraint: the remixee picks one story for the remixer to remix, and that is all the remixer has to work with.

I'm still setting this challenge up and nailing down the details. Because of the nature of the challenge, in order to get everyone matched up, we're going to have to constrain which fandoms are eligible for participation. Please fill out a poll to select the eligible fandoms if you would like to participate in The Remix Duello.

(FYI, because the challenge is going to be limited to some number of popular fandoms, there is going to be a Melee Round, after the stories are turned in, where people may nominate one story in a fandom which was not eligible for the main challenge.)

Follow [community profile] remixduello and keep an eye on The Remix Duello collection at An Archive of Our Own.

(This challenge is inspired by kamikazeremix, but is not affiliated with that community or challenge or its moderators in any way.)

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In the poll, you say to leave anonymous comments if we don't have an OpenID (which I don't) but you have anonymous comments turned off.

Also, for those of us who don't have DW, will you continue to be crossposting updates for the challenge here?

Also also, I'm very excited. This is like remix only scarier. I don't do roller coasters, but I'm up for this kind of mad thrill-ride.

Oh, man, I'm totally sorry I didn't reply to this before! LJ has been not sending me comments for, like, forever. Anyway:

1) I turned anonymous commenting on on the community, so you can comment there in the future. But, as an LJ user, your LJ functions as an OpenID. If you go someplace that asks for an openid, you can just type in and the openid will be created for you.

2) I'm mostly not crossposting updates. I don't want to post them to remixers-lounge because this is really for remixredux, right? And I just don't use LJ that much to set up a new comm and post to both places. However, since you are a paid account user, you can set up a syndicated feed of the DW comm. Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page, where it asks for the new feed URL you want to put and it'll walk you through the process.

3) Signups are still open today and tomorrow (11:59 p.m. EST)! Check out the Remix Duello at the archiveofourown, and if you need an invite tot he archive, send me an email at remixduello atsign zvilikestv period net. I will send you one right away.

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