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[admin] Remix Madness Opt-In Post
musesfool wrote in remixers_lounge
Okay, so this year, we're going to try out Remix Madness. Anyone who wants to can comment here with a link to their stories and offer them up for remixing. We've set up a special collection on AO3 in order not to confuse things: Remix Madness 2011.

In order to participate in Remix Madness 2011:

1. you must comment here with your name, a link to your stories, a list of fandoms you've written in (this doesn't have to be exhaustive, just hit the highlights), and your safe story/previous remixes written (or a link indicating them).

2. Write a remix of a story by someone else who has commented here and opted into Remix Madness!

3. Post it to Remix Madness 2011!

4. Only people who opt-in to have their stories remixed may remix other people. Only people who opt-in may have their stories remixed. To opt-in, you comment to this post. You do not have to write a remix to offer your stories up for remixing.

4a. There are no takebacks. We understand that there are no guarantees that you will find something you want to remix among the stories available (just as you should understand that you might not get any extra stories out of this exercise), but that doesn't mean you can delete your comment once writing has commenced, because possibly someone has found something of yours they want to remix and has already started writing!

5. There are no qualifying fandoms. Anything goes.

6. You do not have to have participated in Remix to play.

7. There is no minimum word count.

8. We'll open the collection for posting on Friday morning and the stories will go live on Monday evening when I get home from work.

9. If you have questions, please email remixredux @ I will be turning comment notifications off on this post since I do not want to receive notification of all the signups, so if you comment with a question, we won't see it!

10. If you need an AO3 invite, please email remixredux @ and we will send one to you.

Let the madness begin!

Note: if you have defaulted on Remix, you may still participate, but this does not count as fulfilling your assignment.


victoria p. [musesfool]


safe story: none

remixes written:

main fandoms: supernatural, firefly, harry potter, ocean's eleven, x-men movieverse, and many more!

Raven (loneraven)


safe story: none

remixes written: "Black Dog", "Counterpoint"

main fandoms: Star Trek, HP, Slings & Arrows, Deep Space Nine, Doctor Who, DWJ, Vorkosigan.

elementalv (also Dreamwidth and AO3)


Safe story:


Previous remixes written::

Mission Control (The Professor Angell Remix)
Cantando More (The Ode To Sheppard’s Cock Remix)
An Anchor On The Line (The Give All My Love Remix)
Pour Away the Ocean (Stop All the Clocks Remix)


* Buffy the Vampire Slayer
* due South
* Stargate Atlantis
* Supernatural

Rynne (rynne)


Safe story: none

Remixes written: Turnabout (The Paradise Found Remix), My Candle Burns at Both Ends (The Extended Combustion Remix), Lucky Number Seven (By the Numbers Remix), Poor Little Lamb (The Draco's Choice Remix), Stages of Age and Youth (The I Dreamed a Dream Remix), All in the Waiting (The Silent Funeral Overture), Ouroboros (Points in Time and Space Mix), Battle (Cast Out the Shadows Mix), Hope Deferred Maketh Something (The Never Knew Such Silence Remix)

Main fandoms: Harry Potter, Star Wars (Original Trilogy), Doctor Who (2005), with about one or two fics per fandom in roughly ten other fandoms.

1. peroxidepest17

2. my stories at peroxide_fic

3. Fandoms: JE (NEWS/KAT-TUN), Supernatural, Bleach, One Piece, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Ouran High School Host Club, xxxHolic, Eyeshield 21, Skip Beat, My Boss My Hero, Nobuta wo Produce, a bunch of other aninmanga....

4. Previous Remixes: Quite a few, but all marked with "[REMIX]" in the post title...

5. No safe stories!

Edited at 2011-04-28 03:05 am (UTC)

Name: ineffabili_tea (Ineffabilitea on AO3)

Link to my stories:

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Good Omens, Star Trek (2009)

Previous remixes:

Barbara htbthomas


safe story: none

Remixes written

Main fandoms: Superman (Smallville, Superman Returns, L&C), Spider-Man (comics and movies), Community, Heroes, Chuck, Big Bang Theory, other comics and TV fandoms

sistabro (on DW and AO3 too)


Safe Story: none

Remixes Written: none

Main Fandoms: Supernatural

Trek, H50, Sherlock, Merlin and more

Name/Link to work: Waketosleep (I am also found under that username on DW)

Safe Story: Bang a Gong

Remixes Written: Pipe Dreams (The Marzipan in Your Pie Plate Megamix)

Fandoms Include: Star Trek, Hawaii 5-0, BBC Sherlock, Merlin

Edited at 2011-04-30 06:12 am (UTC)


link to stories:

previous remix: Civilization and its Discontents (the shut my mouth remix)

safe story: The Khyber Knife

Fandoms: Hawaii Five-O, Sherlock, Sherlock RPF, Sherlock Holmes, White Collar, Southland, The Eagle, SPN

Em/Sour-Idealist (sour_idealist)

Complete list of stories here.

No previous remixes, no safe stories.

Fandoms: Inception, Merlin (BBC), The Traitor Game, Final Fantasy XIII, Glee

(Fandoms in which I have only written one or two things: ATLA, Black Lagoon, Brick, Death Note, Final Fantasy VII, Hamlet, The Hunger Games, Kingdom Hearts, Sherlock Holmes (2009), the Queen's Thief.

There have also been crossovers with the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Black Swan, and Howl's Moving Castle (bookverse), but no standalones for those yet.)

The Plaid Slytherin / plaid_slytherin


Safe story: Bus to Strathclyde

Remixes written: Scars (The Cylon Insomnia Remix), Hours Apart (The Incremental Movements Remix)

Main fandoms: Battlestar Galactica (new), Doctor Who (new)

Petra/petronelle/Petra @ DW & Petra @ AO3


safe story: none

remixes written: To Anacreon in Heaven

Main fandoms: DCU, due South, Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes, Promethean Age, Slings & Arrows, Vorkosigan, White Collar, and about 60 other literary, British, Canadian, and musical theatre fandoms


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