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The VIP Room

kick back and relax

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please tag your posts accordingly:

dear remixer = letters to remixers [note: I've gone back and tagged all currently posted letters, so you don't have to] [note 2: if you're looking for a letter from a particular participant, checking the calendar view might be helpful, as each poster's name is listed]

on remixing = posts about the process of remixing/what a remix is/various ways of writing one, etc.

admin = posts like this, so only laurificus, angelgazing and I will be using this one.

In future, I anticipate there might be a need for tags such as:

beta requests = someone asking for a beta

beta offers = someone offering their services as a beta [eta] it's been suggested we have a special thread for this, so sometime in the next couple of weeks, we'll do that instead. [/eta]

questions = procedural questions about what's allowed, or how posting works, deadlines, etc.

eek! = for those panicked posts as the deadline approaches

Um, I'm sure there are many things I'm not thinking of, so we'll add tags as needed.